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Moose And Lobsta

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Moose and Lobsta is a mysterious Sativa-dominant strain whose genetics have yet to be known. However, according to hearsays, it is crossed from Kali Snapple and Oregon Huckleberry 2014. But, what’s more, important is the excellent experience it brings to new and seasoned smokers alike. This strain is ideal for daytime use.

Flavor and Effects of Moose and Lobsta Strain

Moose and Lobsta give off bold flavors of skunk, diesel, and tropical, with a similar aroma, but include sweet undertones. It quickly causes a buzzing sensation that starts in the head and gradually spreads through the body and limbs. Its intense high sends users to an energetic state full of bliss and focus. Tasks will be easier to handle, and sooner, deep relaxation and arousal dominate without weighing the smokers down.

Medical Benefits of Moose and Lobsta Strain

This strain magically dissolves stress and depression. It is also excellent for treating patients with chronic pains, headaches, cramps, inflammations, and nausea as well. This cannabis also stimulates appetite, which can remediate those with eating disorders.

Negative effects of Moose and Lobsta Strain

At higher doses, this strain can cause greening out, which is characterized by dizziness and a subtle feeling of paranoia. Users may also experience the typical dryness in the eyes and mouth.

Growing Moose and Lobsta Strain

A bigger space is advisable to opt for these buds because they tend to be gigantic. It can thrive indoors or outdoors with a Mediterranean climate. Growers should apply Screen of Green methods and top the buds to keep a manageable height. For outdoors, the plants require much sunlight and may need additional sources of warmth against the cold.