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Moondance strain, a Sativa-dominant, is the offspring of Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and an unknown CBD-rich parent. This bud is also a variation of the infamous MediHaze Sativa and is known for its potent 11% CBD level and 4% THC content. With minimal cerebral and euphoric sensations, it takes users a dreamy mellow high.

Flavor and Effects of Moondance Strain

Moondance is a palatable strain that’s packed with sweet fruity flavors like citrus and grapes. Its smoke has a sharp and fresh menthol flavor combined with refreshing pine. Upon exhalation, it tastes spicy and peppery that has an herbal, earthy aftertaste.

This cannabis is not fast-acting and potent. Although subtle, its euphoric buzz is enough to enhance the mood and raise energy levels. It also increases creative juices that pique curiosity and inspires creativity. Additionally, the tingly feelings envelop the body in deep relaxation without feeling heavy and lazy.

Medical Benefits of Moondance Strain

Although Moondance is not the most potent strain because of its pretty mellow effects, it gained fame for its therapeutic benefits. Its stress-crushing buzz invigorates tired muscles, reprieves patients with depression, PTSD, as well as sleeping disorders.

Negative effects of Moondance Strain

Like other strains, Cannabinoids of Moondance draw out body moisture, which causes dry eyes and cottonmouth. In rare cases, it also causes anxiety, so it’s best to manage your consumptions.

Growing Moondance Strain

Growing this plant requires a Mediterranean climate. It takes longer to longer to flower due to lack of sunlight and short days, but abundant blossoms surely reward patient growers. It is also advisable to top and invest in protecting the plant against harsh weather and frost.