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Moonbow is created by crossing the genetics of Zkittlez with a Do-Si-Dos phenotype by the Archive Seed Bank. This well-balanced strain is great on giving balanced feelings that will totally surprise you.

Flavor and Effects ofMoonbow

This hybrid gives the fruit or floral touch candy-like flavor that you will enjoy. Consumption of this strain will give head-high effects that include increasing the euphoric level, which will uplift the mood. Also, this is best in enhancing creativity and wants you to dive into social interactions.

Medical Benefits ofMoonbow

Taking this strain can be the best cure for overcoming stress and anxiety. Thus, breaking off the strings and connection with depression will be also healed by using this strain. Moreover, this can be a great remedy for muscle pains or cramps and headaches or migraines. Also, this strain is best in elevating one’s appetite.

Negative Effects ofMoonbow

Novice or seasoned consumers, low or high dosage, this strain will make you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. However, for novice consumers or too much dosage of this will make you experience dizziness, headache, or anxiousness.


Moonbow hybrid strain can be grown indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. This strain is not quite easy to grow, so growers must use hydroponic set-up if grown indoor. Hence, it needs proper lighting, wattage, and customized temperature inside for greater results. And if grown outdoors, this strain gives it best on a warm climate. Growers should keep sure that the environment is free from disease or any type of pest.

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