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Moon Walk

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Farm Genetics is the mastermind behind the development of this hybrid. It was parented by Square Dance and Purple Cow. The buds of this strain are in the dark olive green shade with purple undertones. They have dark orange hair and amber trichomes. These are the source of high THC level that is as high as 31%.

It works as a medical marijuana well and many patients depend on this weed. It brings balanced Indica feels so you can have it in the evening and at night. It’s a wonderful smoke to end your busy day.

Flavor and Effects of Moon Walk

The flavor of this weed is sour, spicy, sweet, grape, citrus and fruity. This super potent strain can give you a relaxing high. You will then feel happy and tingles from pure bliss. It has sedative properties and you will doze off easily if you’re not careful with the dose.

Medical Benefits of Moon Walk

It can soothe pain even though it’s temporary or chronic as well as cramps and muscle tension. It is a great choice if you have insomnia as it provides good and long sleep. It can also stop nausea or vomiting.

Negative Effects of Moon Walk

Dry mouth and irritated eyes are the minor effects of this weed. It is quite potent so if you take a high dosage and you have low tolerance, watch out paranoia effect.

Growing Moon Walk

You can use soil, coco coir or plant it in a hydroponic system. It’s fine if you cultivate it indoors or outdoors. The main nutrients that it needs are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.