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Monster OG

Monster OG is created by crossing the genetics of a heavy OG indica with an OG Kush and SFV OG hybrid by the Green Element. This strain is like a monster that’s popping out of nowhere as it gives you the feeling of being surprised by the effects, yet it gives healing.

Flavor and Effects of Monster OG

Monster OG gives the combinatory flavor of lemon, sweet, sour, earthy, herbal, and spicy. Taking this strain will increase the euphoric level, which will elevate your mood and makes you feel happy or uplifted. Also, this is great on boosting appetite as it makes you hungry after taking this strain.

Medical Benefits ofMonster OG

Consumption of this strain may give the best remedy on insomnia, and depression. Physically speaking, this strain is also good in curing cramps, muscle spasms, and any fatigues you’ve felt on your body.

Negative Effects ofMonster OG

Taking this strain will make you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Thus, it may let you experience dizziness, paranoia, or headache if too much usage of this.

GrowingMonster OG

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors with a warm, semi-humid climate. This strain should be best protected against a variety of critters. Also, Sea or Screen of Green method and organic mediums of the soil must best observe to gives the best potency. Additionally, you can also use a hydroponic system for cleaner buds.

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