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Moby Dick 2.0

Moby Dick 2.0 is created from crossing the genetics of Northern Lights and JYD Haze by Dinafem’s Moby Dick. This strain is great on giving you unexpected, which services as a great companion in the evening.

Flavor and Effects ofMoby Dick 2.0

It has a lemon, with the touch of sandalwood, spices, and incense as a flavor. Consumption on this strain gives the high cerebral effects, which will automatically lift your mood, and enhances creativity and draw you the feeling of flying up in the sky. Also, this gives a long-lasting effect, which is good to use after a long hard day at work where energy is not fast drained, and there’s a bit more left to use.

Medical Benefits of Moby Dick 2.0

This is a great remedy for managing and curing the patients who are showing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Also, this hybrid is best on easing physical pains like muscle cramps or spasms, chronic pain, and migraines or headaches. Thus, this is also best in boosting appetite.

Negative Effects ofMoby Dick 2.0

Taking this strain will make your eyes and mouth dry. Occasionally, it will let you experience dizziness, headache, and paranoia.

GrowingMoby Dick 2.0

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors with a warm, Mediterranean-like climate. Thus, if grown indoors, use the SOG method. This strain doesn’t require much extra fertilizing, so this is best to grow for novice growers.

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