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MK Ultra

MK Ultra is a hybrid strain with an indica dominant variety. It is from Twisty Seeds breeders. They created a strain with huge and high yielding composed of trichomes and very colorful physically especially when reaching the growing period. That is why it is called such, the name indicates that the strain is very ultra in production and potency. It has even won first place at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in the year 2003, and also second place in the year 2004 all in the same category as Best Indica strain.

Flavor and Effects of MK Ultra

The cannabis strain MK Ultra has a very earthy and pungent smell. It could even be mixed with chemicals like odor yet with a subtle sweetness. The flavors of the strain are equally tempting and delicious as its smell. It can be a bit earthy with a mixture of sweetness and woody taste. It is also accompanied by a pungent and fresh piney aftertaste. The effects are pretty overwhelming as well given that it can boost your mood and put you in a state of euphoria. The consumers may feel very happy and positive, at the same time as the effects wear off, it will eventually make you sleep due to the ultimate relaxation it provides.

Medical Benefits of MK Ultra

The MK Ultra cannabis strain can provide a wide array of medical benefits that will help in the everyday life of any consumers especially those who are suffering one or two conditions. These may include stress and persistent headaches. It could even extend its capacity in the reduction of migraine occurrence. Some people diagnosed with depression can also be helped by the usage of this strain.

Negative Effects of MK Ultra

As expected, people who have tried the potency of the strain MK Ultra have reported having experienced drying of the mouth and also the eyes. It could even make you paranoid and act to have one especially if consumed at a great amount of dosage. It could also lead to dizziness and anxiety for the same reason as well. Therefore, the ingestion should be put into consideration to avoid such impacts in the near future occurrence and manifestation.

Growing MK Ultra

The MK Ultra cannabis strain can be cultivated and flourish both indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growing environments. If you happen to be grown indoors, this is the best and suitable area where it can thrive well as it can do well in soil and hydroponic setup. While growing outdoor or greenhouse, it requires a climate in northern latitudes or Mediterranean and make sure to stay away from the cannabis plants from ice or cold.

Best Place To Buy MK Ultra

Exceptional (9.7)


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Excelent (9.5)

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