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Misty Morning

Misty Morning was made after pollinating Sugar Cane and Gupta Kush, CO Seed Inc. fashioned firm indica-leaning cannabis. A delicious creeper crafted by the fine folks at Colorado Seed Inc. This slow-moving strain pokes over the body like mist, mildly subduing aches and pains with a detailed yet tangible potency.

Experience Misty Morning in controlled applications as its effect can complement physical activity in humble doses, but can also stunt any physical activity with continued puffs.

Flavor and Effects of Misty Morning

This strain is a savory bud that will make your palate feel gluey with its pungent tones. Misty Morning savors minty and cool on the inhale. This strain’s effects kick in without suspension, and if you want to feel relaxed, this bud will beat any upsets and puzzles out of your head.

Medical Benefits of Misty Morning

Misty Morning a superb strain that is capable of chronic calming headaches and is generally suggested to those who strive to manage their chronic pain. This strain can reduce inflammations greatly, making it even more efficient, and is one of the most beneficial strains available to those who hold joint aches, arthritis, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of Misty Morning

This strain may involve some side effects when smoking like a sudden onset of a mild headache, although this occurs quite seldom. You may undergo a mild anxious or even lightly paranoid, if you tend to feel that way, even with other heavy indica strains.

Growing Misty Morning

This strain is quite easy to cultivate and can generate good yield, growing into a small and sturdy plant that will extend horizontally. This bud is immune to common bugs and mildew and likes to be held nearby a lot of sunshine for its harvest to be at their most fertile.

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