Millennium earned its name when the idea that it will be around for many years. The strain originates from Canada and is a cross between Shiva and Niagara. The strain is incredibly potent with dense buds, dark green.

An appropriate amount of this strain will make you feel energized, while there are some who feel tired and incredibly lazy after a generous smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Millennium

This strain introduces blueberry, citrus, and diesel flavors. If you are an enthusiast of strains with robust terpene profiles, this is a strain you will appreciate. The effects are mostly mental with the initial puffs and put users into quieting relaxed body feeling.

Medical Benefits of Millennium

This strain lets you experience the heavy body stone that may attain rest and sense relief from aches and pains. Most users take it to relieve anxiety and stress. This strain is also perfect for helping those who suffer from PMS, inflammation, eating disorders, muscle spasms, and migraines.

Negative Effects of Millennium

Millennium displays the common side effects of dry mouth and eyes. Although when too much is taken, you may feel mild headaches, slight paranoia, and dizziness. It has no other adverse effects.

Growing Millennium

Although this strain is quite simple to be raised by novices, it still needs some attention. Millennium seldom surpasses 80 centimeters when planted indoors. This strain will grow fine, applying the Sea of Green method. Millennium can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It will take about 8 to 9 weeks to flourish fully.

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