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Milky Way

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The star-shaped buds of this strain swell with white, milky trichomes like the number of stars that you can see on a starry night. Its flower’s size range from small to medium and they look like a cypress tree. KiwiSeeds chose an unknown Indica, Hash Plant and Northern Lights to create this hybrid strain. It has an earthy aroma and it’s a creeper. Hard-hitting Indica fans shouldn’t miss trying it. 
It can be consumed in the evening as a medical and recreational weed. It can uplift your mood and let you forget about stressful circumstances.

Flavor and Effects of Milky Way

The flavor of this weed is sugary, spicy, sweet, vanilla, berry, lavender and nutty. The taste is as awesome as its high. You will feel uplifted by its heady buzz as you get motivated and enhance your artistic side. It has a relaxing effect that can leave you sleepy, sedated and hungry.

Medical Benefits of Milky Way

It can handle various health conditions. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it can soothe pain or aches in any degree. It works as a part of the treatment for mental ailments. It can lull its users to sleep so you can use this weed to defeat insomnia. 

Negative Effects of Milky Way

Zatch out for dry mouth and itchy eyes when smoking marijuana. 

Growing Milky Way

You can plant this weed outdoors, indoors or in a greenhouse. You can do topping on this plant as it tends to be bushy. You can remove broad leaves to allow air and light for lower nodes. It can thrive in a cool or partially humid climate.