Mike Larry

Mike Larry was bred by Skunk House Genetics after crossing two popular strains, Gelato #45 and Larry OG F8. This stinky strain has a fuel-filled, sweet, creamy fragrance that will surely grab your attention. This strain incites sweet and finishes with a powerful OG exhale.

Buds are bright green with traces of purple and an impressive array of trichomes. This strain gives a relaxing high that will still hold you concentrated and involved.

Flavor and Effects of Mike Larry

This strain has a classic sour Kush taste with a lightly smooth sigh. The fragrance is of spicy herbal earth and sharp, sweet cream with notes of heavy fuel and gas throughout.

Medical Benefits of Mike Larry

Mike Larry gains super relaxing effects with its high 16-22% percentage THC content. This strain is famous for being perfect for treating ADD or ADHD, chronic stress, depression, and migraines or headaches.

Negative Effects of Mike Larry

Mike Larry may give users some adverse reactions for some beginners. This strain is pretty easy to enjoy. You are quite likely to seem thirsty when puffing this bud, which is a common effect for smoking marijuana. If any case you catch its cottonmouth and dry eye effect, consume water to subdue these influences.

Growing Mike Larry

Mike Larry is simple to cultivate with little difficulties in the process. This strain is repellent to common molds as well as other pests and ailments. Mike Larry prefers a hot and dry environment and flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. You may also opt to nourish the plant with an organic food plant for the best results.

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