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Mighty Quin

Mighty Quin from Phantom Farms is an amazing cross of CBD-dominant and THC-dominant strains. Bred from Harlequin and City of God, this strain is a mixture of old-world cannabis genetics and physically stimulating properties.

Mighty Quin’s cerebral energy puts a luster on even mundane tasks, making them a concisely more appealing and charming. It has a sweet, forest flavor that opens with notes of fruit and sage on the palate. Enjoy Mighty Quin for its pleasant euphoria and complex herbaceous flavors.

Flavor and Effects of Mighty Quin

The herbal with somewhat sugary dense smoke that the Mighty Quin has will help in rendering better focus. This strain can then help you complete any task and chores that you have at hand. This is essential if you have things that require an exceptional focus to get done.

Medical Benefits of Mighty Quin

The Mighty Quin is very helpful cannabis that can assist users therapeutically approach different ailments with its primarily cerebral effects. Smoking this strain has described being able to subdue stress for it causes leisure responses. Mighty Quin is also great in handling chronic pain. The Mighty Quin is also recognized to increase mental focus, reduce anxiety, panic, and mild to severe depression, that is why it is a classic strain to be enjoyed in the morning.

Negative Effects of Mighty Quin

Mighty Quin, just like any other cannabis out there, creates adverse effects as well. Some of the most typical adverse effects that you can experience with this strain are cottonmouth and eyes.

Growing Mighty Quin

Cultivating Mighty Quin favors a Warm and dry atmosphere with daytime heat with a temperature around 70 and 80. This strain grows to be of an average height of four feet and can be planted indoors or outdoors.

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