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Mighty Glue

Mighty Glue was cultivated by The Farm Genetics. This strain was produced to be a tried-and-true, heavy-hitting nightcap. Mighty Glue was created after crossing OG Glue with Sour Bubble.

This hybrid gives off dense trichome-soaked buds that scent of sharp, sour funk, and sandalwood incense.

This strain will make you chuckle and let go of the day before diving into bed.

Flavor and Effects of Mighty Glue

Mighty Glue gives off a dank, earthy scent that may bring to mind incense or damp soil. You will start picking up on some tart notes of berry as you smoke this strain longer. This smoke tastes sour with some mildly fruity essences on the exhale while giving a mental stimulation that can invigorate creativity and may facilitate everything from brainstorming to crafting plans.

Medical Benefits of Mighty Glue

Mighty Glue’s slow-moving qualities are important to medical cannabis patients. Its peaceful euphoria can be a blessing to those suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety. It also helps with physical pain, whether it’s acute and due to minor injury or chronic and tied to severe ailments like COPD or lupus.

Negative Effects of Mighty Glue

Considering that cannabinoids often dry out the mouth when smoking cannabis. Drink a lot of water to stay combat this effect and refrain from taking energizing shots of coffee since it can overstimulate the senses.

Growing Mighty Glue

This Mighty Glue can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking to grow this strain at home, it is best to set the plant in a humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Prospective growers should take cutting for mature, healthy plants that can be nourished as €œclones.€ True to their indica origins, this plant develops low and bushy; growers may need to €œtop€ their crops from time to time by pruning away any thick, light-blocking fan stalks. Might Glue flowers within 8 to 9 weeks.

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