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Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass was produced after polilnatingKashmiri with Bubble Candy. This strain was bred by Heavyweight Seeds. The terpenes are rich and fruity with earthy undertones, and the high can be a powerful physical buzz.

This strain inspires a strong, uninterrupted relaxation, but there are also bits of great clarity along the way. Midnight Mass is an excellent option for a stroll by the park or calm dusk at home.

Flavor and Effects of Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass emits a sweet, fruity fragrance that gives way to earthier connotations, covering the senses. This unique plant will take you on an odyssey to mystical, faraway places, all from the ease of your couch. This strain causes a firm, physical buzzing, but there are also moments of great clarity along the way.

Medical Benefits of Midnight Mass

With this strain’s above-average 19 to 25% percentage THC content, Midnight Mass is usually opted to manage ADD or ADHD, chronic anxiety or stress, depression, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Midnight Mass

This strain bears moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids that prevent natural generation in the salivary glands that cause cottonmouth. Though, from being gentle, the dry spell will go away after a few hours.

Growing Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass grows at a fast pace and can provide massive yields, as the name suggests, making it an excellent option for commercial crops. Early finishing and with strong mold immunity, this strain performs well outdoors, especially in cooler climates. Indoor growing is a great choice for SOG gardens as growth is thick and uniform.

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