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Middlefork was bred from Dutch Treat that was created in Washington state just outside the city of Bellingham. A sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Middlefork has become a local staple for its potent buzz which can help relieve physical unease.

Creativity and enthusiasm are received in by sweet berry and tangy citrus notes derived from the strain’s Dutch Treat origin.

Flavor and Effects of Middlefork

Middlefork has an exciting blend of tastes that will paint your palate with all its virtue. This strain tastes like a mouthwatering explosion of citrus and berry, with the bright presence of sweet sage and spices, and a nutty, herbal and pine-like aftertaste. It is the best strain to leave you feeling uplifted and comfortable at the same time, spoiling you in happy and stimulated ideas for the entire span its high.

Medical Benefits of Middlefork

This strain is an excellent medicinal strain, as it is very useful in managing hard to soothe headaches. Middlefork may also help aid some consumers with anxiety, pain, spasms, and nausea.

Negative Effects of Middlefork

This strain has some minor side effects and has very mild unfavorable influences for being a powerful cannabis. Middlefork is likely to leave you with a dry mouth, causing your eyes to feel dry and itching as well, with a lingering sense of being dehydrated.

Growing Middlefork

This strain grows firm flower that tends to prefer a lightly humid and tropical outdoor atmosphere to thrive in. Cultivating this hybrid should be attempted only by more experienced growers, as it may need some proper attention along the way.

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