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Middlefork X Pineapple Express

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Middlefork X Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant strain from Washington that inherited the best of its parent strains: the pungent pineapple scent and massive resin production. Its fruity aroma dominates accented with sweet berry tang and earthiness. This strain can take users to a blissful and euphoric high, lulling them into deep relaxation and fulfillment. Moreover, this cannabis is a real kicker that contains high cannabinoid content, which can stretch up to 20% THC. Middlefork X Pineapple Express is excellent during the daytime for recreational or medical use.

Flavor and Effects of Middlefork X Pineapple Express

Once inhaled, this cannabis tastes very sweet, reminiscent of pineapple and honey. On the other hand, exhaling this hybrid tastes like mix strawberry and lime that finishes off with traces of fresh grapes. This strain induces intense cerebral euphoria that surges the body with energy. It is a savior during social situations as it prompts giggles and elicits conversations while increasing the user’s creativity. It guarantees to have smokers with a great time while their body and mind are in a relaxed state, but this may cause arousal and couchlock.

Medical Benefits of Middlefork X Pineapple Express

Middlefork X Pineapple Express has therapeutic properties that can relieve stress and pains, remediates depression as it can overcome users with feelings of happiness, and can also stimulate the appetite.

Negative effects of Middlefork X Pineapple Express

Adversely, this strain agitates anxiety, and smokers may experience mild dizziness as well as dry mouth and eyes.

Growing Middlefork X Pineapple Express

Growing this plant is quite easy because this strain is highly resistant to common diseases. It also takes an average amount of time to finish flowering.