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Michka is a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain created by Sensi Seeds, carefully selected by the renowned author and icon of Cannabis, Michka Seeliger- Chatelain. Michka has a citrus scent and a powerful aroma and helps in the stimulation of creativeness and productiveness. What most users like Michka the most is the fact that despite its significant energizing effect, it doesn’t sizzle you at all. With its beautiful colas, no wonder this strain caught the attention of many cannabis growers.

Flavor and Effects of Michka

While this strain has no special flavors, its citrus scent still entices many users. This is because this marijuana strain provides a buzzing effect in the cerebrum enough to boost mental energy and creativity.

Medical Benefits of Michka

While there are no other specific effects Michka can offer, this marijuana strain is still recommended for those who experience chronic stress, depression, and even anxiety.

Negative Effects of Michka

Paranoia is one of the adverse effects of Michka. This cannabis strain provides a different buzz in the cerebrum, which, if too much consumption, might lead to anxiety.

Growing Michka

Even though Michka is a tall marijuana plant, it will thrive not just outdoor but also indoor growing. However, for indoor growers, its height and long flowering period will be the challenging points. Some experienced growers suggested using the Screen of Green or Sea of Green set-ups; however, the plants will still grow tall. One must carefully consider the height of the ceiling before applying the said technique.