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Mendo Queen

Mendo Queen was produced by Gage Green Group (GGG). A phenotype of Mendo Montage that was created when MendoPurps, a famous Northern California strain, was bred with Crystal Locomotive, a hybrid between Trainwreck and Aloha White Widow.

Both parents in the cross were acquired from breeder Jojorizo. This strain offers a potent, tingly high that remains stable within the mind and body.

Flavor and Effects of Mendo Queen

This hard-hitting strain holds a fast-acting bud that is chock full of flavors you might expect. A brush of tobacco aroma to earthiness and fruit topped off with an explicit scent of wood and menthol.

Medical Benefits of Mendo Queen

Mendo Queen is excellent for daytime usage and can alleviate symptoms of insomnia, paranoia, and mild cases of anxiety. This strain’s physical impressionsare also best for managing muscle spasms, inflammation, joint aches, and cramps.

Negative Effects of Mendo Queen

Mendo Queen will cause an intense body high as it combines in with the cerebral high that may make users dizzy. This is something to take note of and discover before enjoying this strain. Other than head pains, you can also reach the common effects related to using cannabis that involves dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Growing Mendo Queen

This strain is recommended to be grown outdoors for ample sunlight, so home cultivation is somewhat difficult. It is typically suggested for intermediates and experts. If it’s your first rodeo, you might have better luck beginning with something a little easier going.

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