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Member Berry

Member Berry is the product of a breeding project from Colorado’s Ethos that pollinates Skunkberry with Mandarin Sunset to create a tart, fruity cannabis.

Magnificent thick green buds are paired with candied citrus tones, and this celebrated hybrid has a lengthy high that will send you floating through your day with peace.

Flavor and Effects of Member Berry

Member Berry has very noticeable notes of several fruits. You will be able to catch blueberry, citrus, and terpenes that will hint you mangoes and apricots. If you are an enthusiast of strains with tropical terpene profiles, this is a strain you will enjoy. The effects are somewhat cerebral in the beginning, but this stage does not seem to last long before quieting into a relaxed body hum.

Medical Benefits of Member Berry

Member Berry’s robust THC content is enough that it supports to lift depression or any negative sentiments. This strain is also suitable for alleviating signs of stress, depression, anxiety, and even gastrointestinal issues.

Negative Effects of Member Berry

Smoking Member Berry may invite you with red eyes and a cottonmouth mainly with cannabinoids intervening with the production of saliva. Dehydration is a common response to using cannabis regardless of the strain. These effects can be easily relieved by drinking plenty of water.

Growing Member Berry

Member Berry is adaptable and grows both indoor and outdoor. It is guided that growers keep the strain in a steadily warm environment. This strain’s buds are compact and firm that possesses a quality that is a natural resistant with mold and mildew.

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