Melonberry intersects several ACDC phenos that highlight cannabinoid generation and the terpene profile. This high CBD strain carries light notes of cantaloupe and berry, which both convey nicely into the flavor profile when smoked.

This strain’s buds are long with bright orange and vibrant green hue. Famous for its happy and giggly qualities, MelonBerry aids users focus on their operations in the course of the day while honing social desires at evening

Flavor and Effects of Melonberry

This strain scents like berries on a vacation day, with a sharp and pungent fragrance that also aromatic of sweetness and sugar, mixed with a tinge of earthiness. Smoking this will give you a complete sense of euphoria is likely to cover you almost immediately, which is often followed by a grumbling tummy and an improved appetite to fill some munchies.

Medical Benefits of Melonberry

This strain can be used in the therapy of pain as well as depression, dulling all pain in the body, and providing for smooth sailing. Cancer sufferers are known to favor this variant to help them regularize their appetite, relieve insomnia and vomiting.

Negative Effects of Melonberry

This strain’s side effects that may influence you include a lingering headache, which can shift into a pounding feeling but is also kept at a minimum as long as you stay hydrated.

Growing Melonberry

This strain has sticky white blobs of resin that are connotative of a generous yielding strain, whether cultivated indoors or outdoors. However, it is not immune to common molds and pests. Hence, it is best for cultivation by growers who have fundamental expertise and experience.

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