Medusa strain is an extremely powerful pot strain and is viewed as one of the most dominant in the cannabis strain called Mystic. Since it is a mixture of Mystic, the THC levels of Mystic is contained in the sticky zest, which consistently leaves a smoker, beginner or not, stunned and hooked. It is believed to be well-balanced because of its ground-breaking mix of sativa and Indica impacts that supplement each other flawlessly. Its buds have layered dull and light green flowers spotted with a thick covering of resinous trichomes. This strain produces an aroma like blueberries, and on exhaling the smoke, the taste resembles a fruity sweet tea bound with wood and earth.

Flavor and Effects of Medusa

The flavors of Medusa are bubblegum, diesel, fruity, sour, and tropical. Medusa has a high that hits moderately fast. Right from the start, the smoker will start to identify deliberate pressure around the temples and forehead. Ideas and thoughts will bounce from one then onto the next in a certain manner, letting the user feel a sensation of concentration and productivity. This perspective can be a backup to work-based analytical tasks just as increasingly open-ended, creative occupations. Sometimes, purchasers also experience firm sensory distortion that can push to a hallucinogenic state. Medusa is a decent way to flavor up irritating regular exercises like getting things done or even doing the dishes. This strain will also make the consumer of this strain feel giggly for no reason at all.

Medical Benefits of Medusa

Medusa’s broad impacts can have numerous applications for therapeutic cannabis patients. Its clear lucidity can help those with a lack of attention issues to sustain focus around a specific task. The bud’s mood-uplifting abilities can also remove the edge from mellow to severe cases of stress and depression. Physiologically, Medusa may mitigate severe cases of pain just as well for minor agonies like headaches and nausea. Patients who are inclined to panic or paranoia are encouraged to consume Medusa with an alert, as its primary cerebral impacts can demonstrate unreasonably intense for some individuals. In short, this strain can cater to ailments such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, muscle spasms, PMS, and PTSD. Some have encountered being relieved from the ache of chronic pain, while others have utilized it to help with glaucoma. Others have attempted Medusa for its capability to help with symptoms of depression as mood improves to a happy state, and sleep deprivation might be attended to too since it’s been found to lead to sedation.

Negative Effects of Medusa

The most well-known reactions that have been accounted for from Mandarin Zkittlez cannabis are headaches and paranoia. If you are encountering these impacts, make sure to remain hydrated and drink a lot of liquids.

Growing Medusa

It may be developed inside or out, although outside progress requires a semi-humid atmosphere with daytime temperatures somewhere in the range of 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Its plants arrive at a medium height that can be effectively suited in indoor spaces. Finally, Medusa can be an exceptionally sharp grow; those hoping to keep their indoor developing tasks must be attentive and are encouraged to put resources into odor-control estimates like exhaust fans or carbon air filters.

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