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Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain from the famous Oregon medical marijuana breeder David Verstoppen. Striving to help treat the manifestations of his wife’s fibromyalgia, Dave crossed Hash Plant, Dynamite, and G13 to produce this powerful hybrid.

Estimated at over an average of 23% THC level, it rests muscles and renders robust pain ease along with a dynamic, clear-headed high.

Flavor and Effects of Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman is an immediate-acting strain. Its impacts begin almost instantly after the first two to three whiffs. It has tones of fresh pine accented by a trace of sweet skunk. Crushed apart or smoked, a sour diesel vapor arises enhanced by a citric connotation. Medicine Woman bursts the palate with a sour overtone of diesel mixed with lemon and gives a sweet but refreshing aftertaste of woody pine.

Medical Benefits of Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman’s cerebral rush improves the mood and cultures of tired souls. At the same moment, it pacifies the mind of the devastating dread that comes with either stress or anxiety. For this reason, it is a fount of comfort to those who are suffering from mental health issues like depression, ADHD and ADD, and even glaucoma.

Negative Effects of Medicine Woman

You ordinarily encounter a cottonmouth while enjoying Medicine Woman as a result of cannabinoids hindering with saliva production. At times, it is followed by red eyes and an itching throat.

Growing Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman grows very similar like a Sativa. It is lengthy with lean stems and thin branches that can easily snap when faced by strong gusts. Because of this, many growers opt to cultivate the plant indoors. It may need to be topped early to keep it short though, to avoid cramp up space and hinder the flow of daylight and air.

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