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Medicine Man

Medicine Man

As you can infer from its name itself, Medicine Man is one of the ultimate go-to strains for medicinal purposes. It has obtained its mostly indica genes and therapeutic qualities from the combination of Afghan, Brazilian Sativa and South India. Formerly introduced to the market as €œWhite Rhino€, this powerful strain has won a lot of awards ever since it was introduced way back in the ’90s.

It produces a plant with dense buds surrounded by purple, magenta and yellow hairs, topped with beautiful trichomes. It smells sweet and sour with skunk and diesel. Its strong effects and scent make it perfect for the experienced smoker as it may overwhelm the novices.

Flavor and Effects of Medicine Man

Medicine Man’s flavor is mildly reminiscent of tropical overtones and citrus with leaves an aftertaste of berry and spiciness of diesel. It delivers a high that starts in the mind. The user will feel some pressure around the eyes and the temples. This is the high working its way to clear all the scattered and racing thoughts accumulated in the user’s mind. This enables an increase in the user’s concentration and focus. Once it is done taking care of the onset of mental high, the physical effects will then start to kick in. The high soothes all muscle pains and tensions so full relaxation can take over. Users find themselves more carefree and talkative.

Medical Benefits of Medicine Man

Medicine Man won’t be named as such just because. It is prescribed to alleviate or treat a multitude of physical or mental illnesses such as Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, depression, gastrointestinal disorder, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, PTSD and stress. The uplifting, mental high is prescribed for those who are experiencing stresses, anxiety, and depression as it can change their perspective towards life. It erases all the negative thoughts that accompany these diseases. It uplifts their mood swings and alleviates panic attacks. The sedative properties on the other hand, are the ones responsible for relieving body pains.

Negative Effects of Medicine Man

As with other potent strains, it is not out of the ordinary that with the utilization of the Medicine Man strain, users will encounter dry mouth and eyes. Likewise, there are occasions when a few users have reported feeling somewhat more suspicious and paranoid. The ideal approach to stay away from these negative responses is to just utilize just a limited quantity within one’s tolerance, and to always prepare to have some refreshments nearby.

Growing Medicine Man Some information and Tips

The best way to maximize Medicine Man’s yield is to utilize the Screen of Green (SOG) technique. Per experienced growers, one hack is to combine the SOG method with hydroponics. Combining these methods will expedite the most-awaited flowering time and ensure high quality of buds. If you are planning to grow indoors, ensure that each square meter of plants will receive adequate lighting. Using 600 watts of grow light is recommended.

Medicine Man is known to be prone to producing hermaphrodites. You may germinate the Medicine Man seedlings by using peat pots. Peat pots will give the seedlings the freedom to break through its biodegradable walls. This is the perfect way to avoid stressing the seedlings during the transporting stage and to avoid herms too.