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Medibud is an indica-leaning hybrid. An uplifting cross with many attributes, its upbeat, active effects to sativa parentage. This strain is claimed to express itself in various phenotypes.

Usually, you can anticipate high-energy euphoria and heightened sensory awareness from Medibud, but its indica phenotypes may influence heavier, more relaxing impressions as you sniff longer.

Flavor and Effects of Medibud

This strain has a very sweet-smelling blend, with a rich and sharp chemical odor that will make your nostrils tickle. This strain’s essences are as distinct as they come. This strain will savor honeyed and woody on every puff, with blows of skunk and berry that will make your tongue sticky with sweet hues. You will seem very comfortable and reassured when puffing Medibud.

Medical Benefits of Medibud

Medibud is ideal for handling joint aches and muscle spasms, severe inflammation, and can even subdue chronic migraines successfully, allowing patients to restore their essence of life to its comfortable form.

Negative Effects of Medibud

This strain can be quite strong, so you can anticipate some adverse influences from this lush strain. You are most likely to only end up with a dry mouth feeling, with your eyes holding dry and itchy as well, giving you to feel dehydrated.

Growing Medibud

This strain is quite easy to cultivate and is accordingly easily managed even by beginner growers. It is resistant to most general illnesses, bugs, molds, and mildew and can reward you an average yield.