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Mean Misty

Mean Misty is a fruity hybrid with classic mental and physical effects. Created after a genetic cross of Secret Recipe and Blue Dream, this strain springs a rich berry odor with earthy details that speak to its OG origin.

Mean Misty sits firmly between physical and cerebral effects, gaining a happy head rush from the Sour Diesel and the Haze while garnering the mid-level recreation of Abusive OG and Blueberry.

Flavor and Effects of Mean Misty

Mean Misty is often referred to as the vanilla latte of weed because of its warm and inviting charm, but carrying a thrust of energy that tastes like a dream. The first rush of puffing this strain is short-lived, however, and is quickly followed with the desire to relax your body and mind.

Medical Benefits of Mean Misty

This strain is an excellent medical remedy for any illness where sativas are helpful. Because of these characteristics, Mean Misty is applied for mood troubles such as paranoia, depression, and light cases of PTSD. Low-lying libido and fatigue can also be helped with the energetic qualities of this strain.

Negative Effects of Mean Misty

If you are new to smoking cannabis, it’s recommended that you take this one slow as it leads to being on the more potent side. Novice smokers are urged to proceed with extreme caution as this strain is fast-acting and may induce some paranoia and slight dizziness.

Growing Mean Misty

This strain is inclined to be set in sunny climates with a soil base. Indoor growers may take note of this while cultivating. This strain is a moderate to difficult plant to cultivate, making this the ideal plant for those who are growing cannabis for some time already and want to advance to the next level.

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