Mazar X Blueberry

Mazar x Blueberry was bred by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds to merge the sweet fruity odor of Blueberry with the organic strengths of the hardy, high-yielding Mazar. A well-balanced indica-dominant hybrid that assists patients to knock out pain and dive into a deep slumber after a long day.

The sativa side of this strain provides a pleasant cerebral high as well, but it is not overly dark or unfocused.

Flavor and Effects of Mazar X Blueberry

Enjoying this strain’s mixture of earthy, sugary, and spicy zest and fragrances for some time makes you notice blueberry and fruity aromas when this strain is inflamed, supplying the space with sweet, earthy vapor blended the sweet fruity odor of blueberry. Mazar x Blueberry can be heavy and sedating if you take much dosage.

Medical Benefits of Mazar X Blueberry

Mazar X Blueberry is known for its delicious flavor, yet medical marijuana patients appreciate this strain for the assistance it provides from several conditions. Medical sufferers like this strain for depression, mild pain, panic, stress, and nausea. If you’ve had a stressful time at work or just need to take a shot off, this Indica is one of the perfect options around.

Negative Effects of Mazar X Blueberry

Mazar X Blueberry is noted for its potent THC content and is highly suggested to take not much amount of this strain to avoid experiencing insomnia and mild headaches.

Growing Mazar X Blueberry

Excellent for indoor growing, Mazar x Blueberry plants will stay smaller and bushy while indications of flowering shows in 8 to 9 weeks. Keep the plant away from pests and bugs.

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