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A relative of Maui Wowie, Maui remained its tropical character. Though it is not highly famous, Maui is one of the right choices by many cannabis users because of its potency. Cultivating motivation, Maui is best recommended to use during the weekend as you enjoy its full breeze of euphoric effect without any disturbances. Because it is highly potent, a buzzy sensation will take you over sooner, but anyone can easily adjust this sensation. Maui does not just make you creative, and it’s a good conversation booster too. Also, this strain will help you become highly creative with increase ability in analytics.

Having the aroma of fruits and flowers, Maui is a great partner for recreation. Its combination of outstanding cannabis flavors added to its factors why many love Maui. With lesser highly evident effects, this cannabis strain is also ideal even during busy days.

Flavor and Effects of Maui

Maui has a combination of tropical flavors, which makes it an enticing strain for many. From Fruity to citrus and a punch of sweet and spicy, you can name it all because Maui has all of these for you. As Maui is known for its potency, a cerebral effect will surely take you in a flash. However, when it already contained you, a feeling of uplifting energy and a different level of relaxation will lead you at ease. With a transcending effect, this Hawaiian strain helps you not just relaxed and eased but motivated and brighter as well.

Medical Benefits of Maui

The uplifting effect of Maui helps many people fight stress at any level. More than that, for someone battling depression and anxiety, this tropical strain is also a good choice. More than that, its potency promises its users an ability to relieve pain and fatigue at the same time.

Negative Effects of Maui

Maui might be loved by many Cannabis enthusiasts, and one must still consider adverse effects. Like other strains, Maui makes both of eyes and throat dry. Though Maui is an excellent choice for pain healing, too much consumption will surely lead to headaches, while dizziness and a light paranoia were also part of its adverse effects.

Growing Maui

Since many growers love to cultivate Maui, experts suggest making sure that growers must make an effort to find authentic seeds. Growing Maui offers a lot of choices; one may use seeds, while clippings are also possible. If you knew someone with a mature and healthy Maui weed plant, you may take cuttings and grow a cloned landrace of Maui weeds.

This strain is possible both for indoor and outdoor growing. It is not highly strict when it comes to climate as long as the Hawaiian climate is provided. However, a grower must be mindful that Maui has a pure landrace gene which cannot stand to different climate pattern. Since Maui can be very tall, growers are advised to prune the plant during vegetation.