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Maui Wowie

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Indulge yourself with the tropical flavors of this happy-go-lucky strain, Maui Wowie. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is like a ticket to the relaxing beach of Hawaii that can make you feel fresh while having a stress-free experience. This cannabis is certainly for Sativa lovers seeking to unwind and have peace of mind. Plus, this strain is a smooth smoke for even occasional workers and isn’t overwhelming in any way that will cause couchlock.

This strain, also known as Maui Waui, is one of the earliest bred dating back to the 1960s on the island of Maui, a volcanic, pacific climate, and thus carries the unmistakable pineapple sweetness. With increased THC, the birth of this strain caused a breakthrough due to its THC content, immediately rose to popularity, and regarded as one of the most desired strains available. Today, it is known to be a middle to high-grade medication that provides a typical Sativa high with a few Indica perks.

Flavor and Effects of Maui Wowie Strain

For a long time, Maui Wowie bestows us with its tropical fruity flavors of sweet pineapple with lemon undertones that offer a mind-drifting and highly euphoric experience with a buzzing sensation. These motivating effects are all you need to be outgoing and delightful under the sun. It comes in handy in social gatherings as it keeps you giggly and talking for hours. Additionally, it increases your creative juices that enhance your focus and concentration, making it perfect for accomplishing tasks.

Medical Benefits of Maui Wowie Strain

Its Sativa effects give Maui Wowie an edge for alleviating chronic pains, fatigues, tension headaches, and mood-related conditions, including stress and depression. It also used as a stimulant for appetite, which is beneficial for patients suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders. The mental high of Maui Wowie also aids in reducing panic attacks and those who are affected by PTSD, ADHD, and others having trouble with keeping their focus.

Negative effects of Maui Wowie Strain

Adversely, this cannabis may cause you to have dryness in your eyes and mouth because of its cannabinoids that drain out moisture, so it is advisable to keep water around you to avoid dehydration. In some cases, this causes mild headaches coupled with an occasional feeling of paranoia. Moreover, it causes drowsiness, causing you to have an urge to take a nap.

Growing Maui Wowie Strain

Although, the exact genetics of this cannabis remains unknown, cultivating Maui Wowie is easy.

Because its Hawaiian native, it requires a balmy, warm, and sunny tropical climate with a bright environment and nutrient-rich soil. With the right environment, the plants are relatively resistant to molds, mildew, and other diseases. Maui Wowie produces tall, lanky plants that can grow over 10 feet high outdoors.