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Maui Haole

Maui Haole is a well-balanced hybrid that blends the rich, tropic zest of Maui Wowie with Romulan’sfull-bodied relaxation. Produced by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, this strain takes great influence from the original Romulan Joe cut of Romulan.

Its uplifting sativa effects stem from Maui Wowie genetics sourced from the Lower Nāhiku region of Hawaii. Haole is a Hawaiian expression for someone that is not from Hawaii, and Romulan is an alien species from the famous sci-fi show Star Trek.

Flavor and Effects of Maui Haole

Maui Haole spurs a fruity with balanced hints of candy-like and tanginess. This strain will give you a burst of tropic zest in the palate. Its aftertaste is herbal with definite buzzes of diesel. Maui Haole is a sour strain that, even from its amber container, overwhelms the senses with the strong odor of citrus, and it comes in the calming, rhythmic style of waves.

Medical Benefits of Maui Haole

This strain’s analgesic qualities alleviate pain and soothe the sharp pain that comes with convulsions. Its strong body buzz also eases the uncontrolled contractions that come with seizures and other disorders. Maui Haole’s mentally inciting buzz helps users cope with the daily hassles brought about by chronic stress, symptoms of depression, and other mental troubles like PTSD or anxiety.

Negative Effects of Maui Haole

Since cannabinoids frequently dry out the mouth, it constantly helpful to have a drink nearby when smoking marijuana. Avoid energizing shots of espresso since it can overstimulate the senses.

Growing Maui Haole

Grown in hot Hawaii, it is not unexpected that this strain favors being under the sun for long periods during the summer. Growers still have the option of cultivating batches indoors where circumstances such as lighting and temperatures can be simply adjusted.

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