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Mau Mau


Mau-Mau is a cross after pollinating indica-dominant Blockhead female with a Killer Queen male. A hybrid from Irie Vibe Seeds, Mau-Mau was cited as a recognition to a street artist from the UK with a similar name, and after experiencing the buds himself.

Mau-Mau decided to design the original packaging for the seeds. This strain is all about appreciating the good times and enabling yourself to let go of your troubled outlooks and perceptions, giving you take on a lighter and more relaxed persona, after just a few intakes.

Flavor and Effects of Mau-Mau

This strain smells like fresh citrus infused with a soft earthiness, with a sharp and spicy tone that will hang in the air like a vapor, sniffing sour and lemony. Mau-Mau is also delicious as smoke, and from the very start, you will notice that this bud is sour and citrusy, as it will leave a taste in your palate and is acknowledged for being all about the laughing vibes.

Medical Benefits of Mau-Mau

Mau-Mau can be used by many sufferers as a way to relieve their severe and hard to treat conditions. This strain has proven to be very helpful in the treatment of chronic fatigue, panic, chronic muscle spasms, and severe nausea.

Negative Effects of Mau-Mau

This strain may present some side reactions for some beginners, however, for the most part, Mau-Mau is pretty easy to enjoy. You are quite likely to seem thirsty when puffing this bud, and this may even trigger a cough for some.

Growing Mau-Mau

Mau-Mau is usually grown among experienced and beginners, as it is easy to grow with little challenges in the process. It is repellent to ordinary molds as well as other bugs and diseases, and flowers well in a warm and sunny outdoor climate.

Best Place To Buy Mau-Mau

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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