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Master Skunk

Master Skunk was bred by Mr. Nice Seeds. This strain is an indica-leaning hybrid that mixes Master Kush with Skunk #1. With an odor both honeyed and earthy like its Master Kush origin, this strain provokes heavy relaxation everywhere in the mind and body.

This strain is advised for late-night enjoyment and for those who are under the agony of sharp or chronic pain.

Flavor and Effects of Master Skunk

Master Skunk obtain the same skunky mark with a twist. It comes with a sweet lemony note. On its scent, this strain can more than carry its own among the picky cannabis users. Upon respiration, trails of Master Kush are obvious with the lingering woody aftertaste. As the warm body buzz creeps in, users start to feel their body unwinding. The comforting sensation can be quite intense, but it does not lead to laziness or lethargy.

Medical Benefits of Master Skunk

This strain does have rich Indica features that aid soothe the muscle. As a side benefit, it may also help as a pain reliever. Such qualities are most looked after by medical cannabis users who have to endure chronic stomach ache, arthritis, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Master Skunk

This strain will induce an intense body high as it blends in with the mental high may make people feel dizzy. So, that is something to know and learn before using this strain. Other than dizziness, you can also anticipate the typical reactions connected with using cannabis that includes dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Growing Master Skunk

This strain is resilient and mold-resistant and its flowers start to flourish within 7 to 8 weeks, making this hybrid a good option for growers learning the horticultural route.

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