Martian Mean Green

Martian Mean Green is a sativa-leaning herb is quite mentally and physically relaxing. A mixture of Sharksbreath and G13 Haze, Martian Mean Green, one of DNA Genetics’ flagship strains. With its super-sharp odor and mind-blowing effects, users might wonder if this herb came from outer space.

Martian Mean Green. This strain’s incredibly relaxing effects deliver an intense soothing buzz that helps the body of pain. At the same time, it pacifies the mind of dread.

Flavor and Effects of Martian Mean Green

Martian Mean Green has a truly earthy set of flavors that awaits as you puff this strain with blends pine and floral notes for the ultimate mix of savory and sweet. You will open into a state of mind that you will never want to drop, and this bud will wrap you in a cloak of relaxation that gives you very hungry.

Medical Benefits of Martian Mean Green

Martian Mean Green is ideal for physical diseases that block you from being your most reliable state, this strain can help to alleviate most major issues, including headaches, cramps, eye pressure, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Martian Mean Green

Besides dry mouth and eyes, Martian Mean Green is grasped to make users a little bit anxiousness when higher doses are consumed. This strain is not the best Kush for those who are new to cannabis.

Growing Martian Mean Green

This strain is a massive feeder that seldom aches from a nutrient burn, a typical error made by beginners. Given this, it is an excellent choice for those wanting to save money by growing the plant outdoors. Still, many growers prefer cultivating a batch indoors for added protection against bugs and temperature fluctuations.

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