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Mandarin TK

Mandarin TK

From the people of Ethos Genetics comes Mandarin TK, a cross of Triangle Kush and Mandarin Sunset. Delectable buds offer notes of citrus and also gassy and piney Kush undertones. Not for the weak-hearted, the high is durable, euphoric, and shockingly non-drowsy given its intensity. This is an ideal strain for any cultivator searching for a test in their nursery or any buyer searching for a special Kush cultivar.

Flavor and Effects of Mandarin TK

The flavors of Mandarin TK are citrus, herbal, pine, sour, spicy, and woody. This bud offers both mind and body impacts that will make them take off to a high before dropping you down into an intense relaxation feeling that won’t exactly knock the user out. You’ll feel a feeling of euphoria that will fill your very being, keeping you glad and quiet all through the length of the high as your body succumbs to a somewhat sedating physical impact. Mandarin TK cannabis strain’s high keeps going for quite a long time and warms you from within with beams of happiness. It won’t make you sluggish yet is still very powerful and not for first-time users.

Medical Benefits of Mandarin TK

Mandarin TK is said to be the ideal decision for treating those experiencing conditions, for example, severe cases of fatigue, depression, chronic stress, mood swings, and sickness, or lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Mandarin TK

Mandarin TK’s side effects, such as dehydration of eyes and mouth, can be managed through drinking fluids. During rare occasions, some users may encounter headaches and sickness but will fade over time.

Growing Mandarin TK

Cultivators of this strain recommend searching for Triangle Kush and Mandarin Sunset. When you finally have the seeds, you may begin giving the fundamental necessities of the plant and watch out for their needs cautiously. Constant care for these strains will result in a happy and healthy Mandarin TK buds that would have soft popcorn-molded minty green nugs with bright orange hairs and a covering of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.