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Mandarin Dreams

Mandarin Dreams

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By crossing Stormtrooper #2 with Mandarin Sunset, Ethos Genetics makes Mandarin Dreams. A fruity gassy hybrid with large brilliant green buds, this euphoric strain is extraordinary for hazy evening time or going for a night walk.

Flavor and Effects of Mandarin Dreams

The flavors of Mandarin Dreams are citrus, creamy, diesel, fruity, sour, and sweet. The high is incredibly unwinding in nature with impacts that hit both mind and body with a strong vitality before rapidly falling asleep. You’ll feel a feeling of concentration at the beginning of the high with a clear mental clarity before your body starts to blur away into a deep resting and ease. At the point wherein Mandarin Dreams hits the mind, it will make a warm and fluffy sentiment of happiness. The body hit is the sort of run that would loosen you up altogether without giving a couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Mandarin Dreams

With these impacts and its overly high 25% normal THC level, Mandarin Dream is said to be the ideal preference for treating experienced patients encountering conditions, for example, lack of appetite or sickness, chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, and spasms or muscle cramps.

Negative Effects of Mandarin Dreams

Unsurprisingly, typical side effects in consuming Indica-leaning strains are encountering with having dry eyes and mouth. With a higher dose, one will tend to get sick and may experience a headache the following day. Dehydration of eyes and mouth will fade soon enough and can be treated with a glass of water. For users who get sick while consuming this strain, a lower dosage of the Mandarin Dreams is highly suggested.

Growing Mandarin Dreams

Cultivators suggest providing an area with good lighting and the ideal ventilation systems for clean airflows. This will guarantee healthy Mandarin Dreams buds that are larger than usual, beautiful neon green long pepper-formed nugs with orange hairs and a covering of chilly golden precious stone trichomes.