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Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies will have you speaking Mandarin in no time. Just kidding, Mandarin Cookies is just a nice strain with an amazing high you can enjoy. It is seen as the best strain for those who get off by identifying strains through their aromas and flavors. This is because Mandarin Cookies has distinct features that make it easy to know it is the one. The exciting potency also makes Mandarin Cookies a nice option for many who love a hard-hitting strain.

You will find Mandarin Cookies being a beautiful strain. This is because of the bright green buds combined with orange pistils and sparkly trichomes. As for genetics, the strain has its roots from Mandarin Sunset and Cookies strains. Well, these parent strains on their own are good, so you can have a good idea of what happens when they have offspring.

Flavor and Effects of Mandarin Cookies

The quality high is not the only thing that you will enjoy while using Mandarin Cookies. This is because the flavor is equally good. Most people end up feeling good about investing in the strain as it leaves them with a nice taste in the mouth. Mandarin Cookies comes with citrus, herbal, orange, and sour flavors combined. You will always love the taste in addition to the nice aroma too.

It might be sativa-dominant, but this strain is really good in terms of effects too. You will experience a nice body high that should make more people go for it. It is still energizing, so if you are always down, then this should be the best choice for you to consider. Other effects of Mandarin Cookies include feeling uplifted, tingly, and relaxed.

Medical Benefits of Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies will further help you deal with some medical conditions in your life. Such conditions are depression and stress. As we have seen above that Mandarin Cookies help to uplift your spirits, then it is a nice option for treating stress and depression. Users often find themselves laughing and forgetting about their stress triggers.

Patients with ADD and chronic pain are also advised to try out Mandarin Cookies to see how it helps them. Well, there are many positive stories of how the strain has helped keep the pain down and help improve the lives of many patients. Mandarin Cookies is still a nice choice for treating headaches.

Negative Effects of Mandarin Cookies

The negative effects experienced by using Mandarin Cookies are common with other strains. Such effects include having the dry mouth feeling and itchy eyes because of dehydration.

Growing Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies just need a few skills to grow. If you are new to growing cannabis, then learning more from a seasoned cultivator should help you grow it better. The strain will need a warm and temperate environment to grow better.

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