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Malana Lemon Hashplant

Malana Lemon Hashplant

Crossbreeding an Orginal Malana to Ohio Lemon G. resulted into an indica- dominant strain with a 22% THC level. The uncomplicated way of growing Malana Lemon Hashplant and its function to serve people who need a break from stress is what makes it adored and favored by most cannabis users.

Malana Lemon Hashplant provides an immediate and extreme high accompanied by euphoric and uplifting sensations. The strain will aid you in becoming more transparent and focused on something. The soothing effect will take you to a peaceful state without becoming immobile.

Flavor and Effects of Malana Lemon Hashplant

The strain possesses hashy, spicy, pungent and lemon flavor. Malana Lemon Hashplant will carry you to euphoria and will elevate your mood while you remain focused and clear. After it all wears off, the soothing, peaceful aura will be felt without the feeling of couch €“ lock.

Medical Benefits of Malana Lemon Hashplant

Malana Lemon Hashplant gives grave assistance to individuals with depression, stress, fatigue, chronic body pains, mood swings, hyperactivity disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Negative Effects of Malana Lemon Hashplant

The effect is immediate, so instead of resisting the full effects to take place, you might have just to let it flow through your body or else it will cause you paranoia.

Growing Malana Lemon Hashplant

Malana Lemon Hashplant is not available as seeds so growers would have to perform €œclippings€ instead. It can adapt to any climate and can withstand a sudden temperature alteration. However, it thrives well in warmer weather, so the best cultivating environment is outdoor. It will grow by itself, so no further efforts are pushed.