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Mai Tai Cookies

Its appearance may have changed, but Mai Tai Cookies strain still holds the title of being a tremendous potent medical cannabis. It has a moderate level of THC combined with a high CBD content that brings relief for both mental and physical health disorders. Patients with anxiety or depression rely on this weed. It is blessed with an ability to produce oil, an unusual case for a hybrid that leans on CBD. These properties won this strain the Best CBD Flower title during the contest held in Los Angeles called 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Flavor and Effects of Mai Tai Cookies

The flavors of Mai Tai Cookies are orange, cherry, fruity, sweet, peppery, and spicy. This strain doesn’t possess the dominance of hallucinogenic highs. Its belongings are very subtle and an all-out head-hammering impact. It conveys an exquisite flow of energy through your entire body. Its beginning is an uplifting effect in the brain that cleans up any confusion. For some users, mental lucidity is an opportunity to experience and conceptualize a new perspective. What’s more, with an increased feeling of concentration, remaining productive for quite a long time with no signs of exhaustion turns out to be not much of a problem to the users.

Medical Benefits of Mai Tai Cookies

This strain’s optimistic cerebral high creates an energy that takes away all negativity of the user. Accordingly, it becomes a source of solace for users suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Additionally, it boosts the mood and even lessens stress. Its compounds also decrease physical body pain, starting from the temples. This strain combats stomach discomfort and various body aches. Thus, it is also reliable sustenance to cancer patients who are encountering the sickening effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Negative Effects of Mai Tai Cookies

Mai Tai Cookies tend to give its users the feeling of dryness as the cannabinoids it contains hinder the system from producing saliva. It is typically followed by a sudden drying of the eyes as well. Mellow and brief, one may diminish its side effects by remaining hydrated for the duration of the day. This situation is described by an elevated feeling of awareness that prompts wooziness and perhaps triggers anxiety. When neglected, it can even provoke a subtle sensation of paranoia. Thus, it is imperative to pace the utilization of buds.

Growing Mai Tai Cookies

Mai Tai Cookies is one of many cannabis strains that you can find very easy to grow. It is a tough and solid type. It would be able to withstand fluctuating temperatures and can survive indoor developing spaces. Thus, it is an amazing decision strain for novice cultivators exploring the development of strains. In an administrable domain, cultivators can alter factors, for example, humidity, temperature, and lighting. However, it should be snipped frequently. As implied before, Mai Tai Cookies is very compacted. When abandoned, it might harbor moist that, in the long run, forms into shape or mold between its holes, which will hinder its development.

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