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Magic Melon

Magic Melon is the right option for those who want a hard-hitting cannabis strain. It will not take long before you feel high all over your body. It is not just the body high, but also a cerebral high will be felt. This is because you will now have a clear mind, feel better focused, and energized at the same time.
For its average potency, it should be a strain that many users love to experience. As much as it is a hard-hitting high, it will not leave you couch-locked. Magic Melon will also be great for various medical applications like most strains. The breeder crossed Mango Trees, Mango Sherbert, and Honeydew Melon strains to end up with this great strain.

Flavor and Effects of Magic Melon

Both flavor and aroma of Magic Melon make a person want more of the strain. The flavor can be described as an uncanny melon. As for the aroma, the strain smells like sweet watermelon combined with a gas finish. Most users are going to feel a full-body high as one of the effects. Magic Melon will also make you feel energized than before.

Medical Benefits of Magic Melon

For the energizing effects, the strain is going to make you fight fatigue easily. It is also good for treating nausea, depression, stress, and many more conditions.

Negative Effects of Magic Melon

It is expected that you will have a feeling itchy eyes and a sore throat because of dehydration.

Growing Magic Melon

Magic Melon is easy to grow. You should end up with a high yield if you provide the best conditions to grow it. With a warm climate, it will grow well.

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