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Magic Jordan

Magic Jordan

As much as the name leans towards two of the most celebrated basketball players, Magic Jordan has nothing to do with basketball. Nevertheless, it should make you high enough to love it even more. Magic Jordan was bred by the brains at Colorado Seeds Inc. For this reason, you will use it, knowing that it comes from the best breeders in the business.

To make Magic Jordan, Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck and unknown strains were crossed. It does not matter what the unknown strain is, but we are thankful it existed as this strain is really good. For the potency level, expect that its high will be overwhelming.

Flavor and Effects of Magic Jordan

Based on its lineage, Magic Jordan is expected to have some nice flavors to go along with it. Users experience a combination of herbal, lime, lemon, and sweet flavors when using Magic Jordan. Since it is a highly potent strain, it always leaves its users couch-locked. Other than that, you will also end up with a nice body high, feel more creative, and motivated.

Medical Benefits of Magic Jordan

Being a quality strain, it is also used in medical applications. Magic Jordan is known for treating chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, and stress better than some strains.

Negative Effects of Magic Jordan

When used in high doses, Magic Jordan will make you have a feeling of a dry mouth and dry eyes.

Growing Magic Jordan

You will find this strain being easy to grow. With just a few skills, you can end up growing it in your home. It will require a warm and sunny climate to end up with the best yield.