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Magic Beans OG

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Magic Beans OG is a puzzling indica-dominant hybrid that has undocumented birthplaces, adding to its mysterious offer. Its delicate yet substantial body stone has added to its fame, with those searching out an unwinding and fortifying high getting to be faithful fans rapidly.

Flavor and Effects of Magic Beans OG

The flavors of Magic Beans OG are lemon, woody, pine, dank, menthol and spicy. Magic Beans OG can make you feel sleepy sooner or later, making it a reasonable night strain. This magic plant will make you feel euphoric for quite a long time, and you won’t have the option to get away from your craving to simply kick back and feel loose €“ it will make you feel lazy and tingly all over. This fragrant indica hybrid is an engaging strain that will make you feel cheerful. Magic Beans OG will make you feel somewhat wonky physically, so it is generally advantageous on the off chance that you don’t have any genuine main jobs that should be practiced, as it is best appreciated in a condition of unwinding.

Medical Benefits of Magic Beans OG

Magic Beans OG is also handy for the treatment of constant painful conditions and muscles fits, making it simpler to keep up a higher caliber of life. This strain can help diminish nausea in patients, enabling them to feel hungrier and eat with more energy and craving. Other ailments this strain is utilized to treat is for constant stress disorders and its manifestations. Magic Beans OG can make you feel significantly looser than expected and can urge you to think less contrarily and fatigued, as your mind will relax, enabling you to withdraw from your ordinary burdens. 

Negative Effects of Magic Beans OG

This strain is probably going to make your eyes feel dry and bothersome, with your mouth and throat also feeling dried simultaneously. Other side effects that you may encounter when on this strain is a gentle episode of nervousness, particularly on the off chance that you come unprepared. Magic Beans OG can, in some uncommon cases, make you feel somewhat paranoid or even leave you with somewhat of a migraine at last, which could emerge out of feeling dried out. 

Growing Magic Beans OG

Magic Beans OG is very simple to develop once you can get your hands on these seeds. This strain is a normal yielder and is anything but difficult to develop in both an indoor and outside setting, making it a genuine enjoyment for amateur producers just as authorities.