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Mad Dawg

Mad Dawg

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Mad Dawg is what you need to end up with the best relaxing effects. After you have been working hard the whole day, then you would want to settle for this type of strain. Mad Dawg was crafted by Dank Genetics found in the United Kingdom. The breeder crossed Starfighter and Lemon Alien Dawg to end up with Mad Dawg.

As for the potency, Mad Dawg is a bit on the higher side. This might make it favorable for users who want a strong strain. It would be better to use it only if you have experience using marijuana. Newbies tend to get paranoid when it comes to using Mad Dawg. This strain is characterized by having dark green leaves as compared to others. It will also have orange hairs and thick trichomes to make it easily distinguishable.

Flavor and Effects of Mad Dawg

Mad Dawg is known for having the best citrus flavor you will ever have to taste. This makes it stand out as people enjoy experiencing better tastes when using cannabis. It will also be easy to experience a bit of mint, pine, and sweet undertones when using Mad Dawg. The resultant aftertaste is great thanks to these many pleasurable flavors.

This strain is good for ending up with some creative effects. This is thanks to having the sativa-dominance. You will now have a clear head to think better as compared to some other strains. The sativa effects also include feeling happier, euphoric, and better focused on a project. You should find it being a great smoke in the afternoons when you hit a snag while working.

Medical Benefits of Mad Dawg

This strain is loved for the many medical benefits it can offer to its users. The most common application would be relieving chronic pain. No one wants to keep on being in pain all the time when you can deal with it. It is the reason doctors would recommend Mad Dawg for chronic pain and other related conditions.

Mad Dawg is still good for cases of fatigue. This is thanks to the energizing effects. Once you feel energized, it should be possible to start enjoying your life without having to deal with fatigue all the time.

The Mad Dawg strain will also help alleviate other conditions such as eye pressure, depression, glaucoma, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Mad Dawg

Negative effects though not many, are also common with Mad Dawg. The most common would be the dry mouth feeling and dry eyes. Always hydrate if you are going to smoke any type of strain to prevent such effects.

Growing Mad Dawg

Mad Dawg might need a bit of work to grow better. You will have to also grow it in a cool environment to end up with the best yield. A bit of pruning will be required as part of maintenance.

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