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MAC is an abbreviation for Miracle Alien Cookies. Well, the MAC abbreviation is just better as you can imagine saying the whole name all the time when you have to buy it. MAC is what you need whenever you want to experience both sativa and indica effects in equal measure. It should be something that many people love for such a balanced high.

To make it quite the miracle strain, MAC was achieved by crossing three strains. These strains include Colombian, Starfighter, and Alien Cookies. These three are really good individually. It should be easy to see why more people would love their offspring. This strain is also good in terms of the aromas it fills up in the room. You should end up loving the aroma you easily slip into a state of being high.

Flavor and Effects of MAC

Flavors are top considerations when choosing the best strain to smoke. Well, MAC does not disappoint when it comes to its strains. Most people love it for its flavors such as citrus, diesel, and sour. It is also common to experience some flowery and sweet undertones. This makes MAC great for those who want a strain with a variety of flavors.

The strain, as suggested earlier, has a balanced high for its indica and sativa effects. As a result, the high is within containable ranges to keep you feeling good without being too hard on you. Users also end up experiencing better creativity than before. It helps clear your mind and help think better. MAC is still notable for its relaxing effects, being happy, and uplifting at the same time.

Medical Benefits of MAC

It always feels nice to have a strain with the best medical applications. MAC is notably good for relieving medical conditions such as depression and stress. Since you will feel happier and uplifted while high on the strain, it goes on to show that your stress levels will greatly decline. For the same effects, MAC is still good for handling mood swings. You never have to be a moody person anymore as you will be smiling all the time you are high on MAC.
MAC is still preferred for handling other conditions such as chronic pain and joint pain. Whenever you get high on the strain, you will no longer feel a lot of pain from your joints or injuries.

Negative Effects of MAC

It is possible that MAC will also have some negative effects that show up while using it. Whenever you use it in excess, expect to end up with a sore throat and dry mouth. Hydrating should help contain these effects.

Growing MAC

MAC is not hard to grow. With a few gardening skills, they should be enough to start growing the strain. If you grow it indoors, ensure to have enough ventilation as the plant tends to have a heavy stench.