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It is nothing new for strains to have a female name. Lucy strain is an average potent strain that newbies and experienced users will both love. The strain was created by Reserva Privada, who is a top breeder in the cannabis business. The breeder combined LA Confidential and Luca Brasi to come up with Lucy. It is worth noting that Lucy will have some of the best CBD levels, making it ideal for medical applications.

As for its high, you will find Lucy being great to help clear your mind, boost your moods, and much more. It is for these reasons that Lucy would even be an ideal strain for daytime use. The densely packed buds will give an indication that it is a high yielding strain.

Flavor and Effects of Lucy

This strain stands out for its herbal, lemon, and lime flavors. This will always result in some great aftertaste after smoking it. Users also experience skunky, spicy, and sour undertones with Lucy. As for its effects, the strain makes the users end up with a nice body high, sociable, giggly, and relaxed.

Medical Benefits of Lucy

Lucy is also often recommended for medical use thanks to high CBD level of 12%. It will be perfect for treating anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Lucy

The strain is likely to make a user have itchy eyes because of dehydration.

Growing Lucy

Lucy will have short plants, making it ideal for indoor growing. You might have to do a bit of pruning since the strain has a dense leave structure. It is great that Lucy is immune to pests and diseases.