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Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is a top hybrid strain known for having a stimulating high. Such type of high is reason enough to get more people going for it. It is not just the high, but also the aroma, and considering it also has many medical benefits. Lucid Dream gets its name based on the fact that it will give you a nice hazy high and still keep you active at the same time. There is no way you are getting couch-locked with this one.
Not many commercial breeders have come out to claim responsibility about breeding Lucid Dream, but that has not stopped it from gaining popularity. It is the reason you can easily walk into any marijuana dispensary and get yourself Lucid Dream. This strain is a result of crossing Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream. It should be easy for Lucid Dream to appease fans of both parent strains.

Flavor and Effects of Lucid Dream

For such a quality strain, Lucid Dream is also expected to have the best flavors. Lucid Dream starts out with a berry and blueberry taste users love. You might even think you are eating fruits as these two are quite prominent. The strain also gives you additional flavors such as lemon and sweet. These are majorly undertones of the other two.

Sativa-dominance always means that you end up with some of the desirable effects. You will notice that you feel creative and energized at the same time. This can be really good if you want to clear your mind. Lucid Dream also makes you feel focused and happy at the same time. It should be the reason the strain works well for relieving medical conditions.

Medical Benefits of the Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is your best bet if you want to relieve loss of appetite. This is because one of its effects is to make you feel hungry. You should be back to eating normally once you get to use this strain. That is just scratching the surface as the Lucid Dream is also used for managing arthritis and other related pain conditions a user might have.

If you also commonly experience migraines, the strain is good to cut down on the frequency and pain that comes with them. You will now feel relaxed and even better stress-free.

Negative Effects of Lucid Dream

Just as expected, there are times you can experience negative effects when using Lucid Dream. The common negative effects are being dehydrated, a bit of headache, and itchy eyes.

Growing Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is loved by both newbies and experienced cultivators. This is because it is easy to grow in different conditions. Always monitor the temperature and humidity if you grow it indoors to avoid the plants being affected by molds and pests.

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