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For a strain that makes you loyal to it, then it has to be really good. That might be what you get with the Loyalty strain if you decide to try it out right now. Loyalty was bred by crossing Animal Pie and OG Kush to end up with this amazing strain. These two parent strains have a huge following, so we can also expect that Loyalty would have the same just as its name suggests.

Since the strain was bred by TSL Farms, a top breeder, we can always expect it to be good. People would be comfortable using this type of strain for its average potency. Even if you are new to using cannabis, it should be perfect for you.

Flavor and Effects of Loyalty

Loyalty is not just good in terms of the high, but also the flavor. The strain comes with an earthy flavor with citrus notes. The citrus undertones are also responsible for making you have a good aftertaste. The strain is generally good for its relaxation effect. This is because it is an indica-dominant strain.

Medical Benefits of Loyalty

For its multiple effects, the strain is going to be great for relieving cramps, stress, headaches, depression, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Loyalty

Loyalty is good for various medical applications, but it can still make you end up with a dry mouth and dry eyes.

Growing Loyalty

Loyalty is not the easiest to grow. It will need the cultivator to have enough experience. It will also need a warm and temperate environment to grow better.

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