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Love Triangle

Love Triangle

From its name, it should be interesting to know what Love Triangle is all about. Well, Love Triangle is a rare cannabis strain that you can hope to get your hands on. This strain remains popular because of its rarity. Most people would now want to know just how good it is since they cannot just buy it as easily as other common strains.

Love Triangle has its genes from Triangle Kush and Snow Lotus. It should be easy to see why someone would have wanted to name it Love Triangle now. The aroma is just as delicious as the name suggests. Its sweet aroma quickly fills up the room where you are smoking it. Also, expect a full-body high that is also easy, but rather consistent. You might even be high for several hours after you are done smoking Love Triangle.

Flavor and Effects of Love Triangle

Snow Lotus, one of the parent strains, is known for its remarkable flavors. There is no doubt that its offspring would also have the same. Well, Love Triangle does not disappoint as it brings out the berry, cherry, and mind flavors once you start smoking it. That is not all as you will also enjoy sweet and peppery undertones as part of the flavor. It should be easy to get hooked on such flavors.
With a THC level of up to 23%, it is easy to see why one of its effects is experiencing a body high. The indica-leaning genes also make the strain relaxing. You might want to use the Love Triangle in the evenings when you no longer have to work, and you just need to relax. Other effects of the Love Triangle include feeling uplifted and sleepy.

Medical Benefits of the Love Triangle

Based on the deep relaxation Love Triangle offers, it stands out as the best strain for chronic pain. You will feel relaxed enough that it feels like the pain is now numbed. Such a strain is also popular for other related conditions such as arthritis, joint pains, and many more.
Love Triangle makes someone feel sleepy once the high kicks in. Because of such an effect, it will then be great for treating insomnia. You never have to worry about a lack of sleep when this strain can help you out.
Love Triangle is still great for relieving stress, PMS, and cramps.

Negative Effects of Love Triangle

Some newbies to using Love Triangle have complained of paranoia as one of the side effects. Others claim that it leaves their mouth dry and eyes itchy. If you stay hydrated, then these effects are not pronounced.

Growing Love Triangle

For its rarity, Love Triangle needs someone with experience to handle it. You should also grow the plants in a dry area to avoid them being affected by molds. In the end, it should give you medium yields based also on your efforts.