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Love Potion #9

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This bud is a cross between Northern Lights #5 and Love Potion #5. The outcome is an indica-dominant strain that offers heavenly flavors and super stoney effects. Love Potion #9 is an indica-dominant strain joined by a tasty, fruity taste profile and solid impacts. This strain develops thick buds with amber hairs, white trichomes, and thick resin. It has an intricate fragrance with cheese, fruit, earth, and certain spices. It has moderate levels of THC, making it the perfect strain for evening time.

Flavor and Effects of Love Potion #9

The flavors of Love Potion #9 are earthy, lemon, pine, and sweet. Love Potion #9 marijuana strain initiates solid cerebral euphoria pursued by couchlock and profound sedation. Uplifts the user’s state of mind eases the pressure improves focus. This strain has solid calming, pain-relieving properties, and boosts sexual arousal.

Medical Benefits of Love Potion #9

Even users who are searching for medical help can discover something to cherish in Love Potion #9, as sex isn’t the main thing she’s useful for. Given that your mind is assumed to an elevated position, many go to Love Potion #9 for stress relief and find that it’s an extraordinary decision for handling depression. Her heavily sedating impacts help with sleep deprivation, and in certain clients, the munchies become extremely strong, making this strain perfect for those with an absence of craving and issues with queasiness. 

Negative Effects of Love Potion #9

Users of Love Potion #9 often experience headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, and extreme hunger. Some users may also feel nauseated and having dry eyes. 

Growing Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 seems to be nearly hopeless to grow at home, but if you find yourself with seeds or clones, you will have a chance to grow your own strain. Cultivators suggest doing an indoor development of this strain. In developing this strain indoors, provide pain-relieving lighting and air course to improve plant development and well-being and to avoid the attraction of bugs and forms.