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Love Is Love

Love Is Love

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Love Is Love cannabis strain is popular among the cannabis community since it comes with a balanced and mellow high. Its high will take over your body, slowly leaving you enjoying the strain. Love Is Love is not too strong that the high hits you hard. Its smooth high should make it also ideal for newbies looking for a nice smoke to enjoy.

Love Is Love stands out also as the best for having a quality high that makes it best for medical applications. Just like most strains, this one will also help alleviate some medical conditions. To end up with Love Is Love, the breeder had to do complex breeding of Ripped Bubba, Purple Sour Diesel, and Harlequin strains.

Flavor and Effects of Love Is Love

Love Is Love strain will provide you with sweet and grape flavors combined. Such flavors make the aftertaste of the strain to be just as good. When it comes to its effects, Love Is Love will make the user experience peace, get giggly, and feel carefree.

Medical Benefits of Love Is Love

For the many effects it has to offer, Love Is Love will be good for relieving several medical conditions. They include insomnia, loss of appetite, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Love Is Love

Ending up with a sore throat and dry mouth are the common negative effects of Love Is Love.

Growing Love Is Love

Love Is Love makes a good strain for newbies. This is because it does not need a lot of work to grow. It also comes to the best yield for doing less work.