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Love Boat

Love Boat might be just what you need to take you on a high ride of your life. This is because the strain has an impressive potency level. With its potency, you will feel it was worth spending money on it. Love Boat is as a result of crossing Snow Lotus and Triangle Kush. Well, these two parent strains are good on their own, meaning that Love Boat would even be better.

The flavors and aromas of the strain hit you good in a way that you will always come back for more. It should be the reason people love using the strain more often. The high starts slowly, but before you know it, you will feel the high all over the body.

Flavor and Effects of Love Boat

Love Boat will get you hooked on it simply because of the flavors. With its citrus, herbal, and lemon flavors, they will always get more users wanting more. Since it is evenly balanced, Love Boat will make you feel aroused, end up with a cerebral high, feel relaxed, and uplifted as part of the effects.

Medical Benefits of Love Boat

For its effects, Love Boat is still great for medical applications. It will be a top choice for relieving anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and stress.

Negative Effects of Love Boat

It might be a great strain, but Love Boat tends to make the users end up with itchy eyes and a dry mouth.

Growing Love Boat

Love Boat will need a bit of experience in growing cannabis strains to help grow it better. You will find that the strain does well in a warm climate, ending up with good yields.

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