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Loud Dream

For its name, Loud Dream is going to give you a dreamy high that is still enjoyable. Do not think because of the name Loud Dream that it will go easy on you. This strain is characterized by having some of the best high that is still strong. As much as the high can be strong, it does not make you sleepy or couch-locked. It would be best to use it over the weekend if you have to consider daytime use.
The breeders did a good job with this one. The breeder, rather than crossing several strains to achieve it, the scientists did a backcross on the same strain, Blue Dream

Flavor and Effects of Loud Dream

Loud Dreams will have flavors such as herbal, lavender, citrus, and lemon. All of these flavors should easily give you the best aftertaste once you are done smoking Loud Dream. For its perfect balanced between sativa and indica, this strain leaves you feeling aroused, creative, and energized as the effects.

Medical Benefits of Loud Dream

The strain is really good for patients with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite. Most have reported feeling better after weeks of using Loud Dream.

Negative Effects of Loud Dream

Loud Dream is likely to leave the user with mild headaches and a sore throat when used in excess.

Growing Loud Dream

Loud Dream is available in seed form. This makes getting it for cultivation easy. It should thrive easily in a Mediterranean climate. Ensure the plants get enough sunshine.

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